Why I Wrote This Book


the many encounters and experiences described in my bio have taught me much, but they have left me with just one most important conclusion:  spirituality is about one thing only – direct connection to the Divine. I was ultimately led back to the one and only place where I could meet that Creator – in myself.

People are hungry.  Hungry for meaning and fulfillment in life.   What satisfies that hunger are not “things”.   What satisfies is more subtle, waiting to be discovered.   It is the spiritual dimension of life.

Most have followed the traditional religious path to spirit.   Therein lies the issue.  There has been an over reliance on traditional religion to provide answers for those who are spiritually thirsting.  The answers given are complicated and often inadequate, rarely allowing room and sometimes dissuading the individual from pursuing that divine connection.  Traditional religion doesn’t work for these people; yet, it is often all that they have for reference to when it comes to matters of the spirit.

Traditional religions tell us that we need intermediaries to achieve life in the spirit, whether it be priests, ministers, canon law, rules or sacraments.   We have been deceived.

Where do we go to satisfy our longing if the only door we know leads us to something that doesn’t work, something that we may even come to despise? All that we need, all that we long for, is available to us by direct contact with our Father/Mother God.

Storytelling is historically a great way to illustrate techniques that assist men and women in understanding how Spirit functions in their lives.  Jean Moreau is an interesting character, an Everyman of sorts, and a good teacher. It is my hope that his success at the Abbey of Kervennec in finding God via Awareness will help you find this most critical element of a satisfying life. A second volume of his thoughts is in the making.

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