Imagination – Who Needs It? We Do.

It was Einstein who once said that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” At first, that can seem almost absurd. But when we have a closer look, we see that imagination is at the very heart of everything. All things created by man start as an idea, encompassed somewhere in the realm of the imagination. It is the seed of all creativity. We would be lost without it.

How do we value imagination as a society? How do we value it in comparison to “hard science?” There is often a bias against something not concrete or measurable. We are practical people, we Westerners. We demand proof before we can believe.

So, how can imagination fit in?  We would be in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater should we disregard the importance of the “immeasurable”– and its reality. After all, one of the greatest scientists of all time has said it is indispensable. Seeing only the “practical” or “measurable” handicaps many in experiencing the subtle beauties and energies of life. We must remain open to new possibilities outside the sensual.

Neville Goddard, in his ground-breaking book, The Law and The Promise, illustrates beautifully the idea of the power of imagination. Using techniques known to initiates of every age, he shows us that when properly used, imagination can produce results in our lives that one can only be described as fantastic. How? The universe is energy – how one influences that energy is the key, and it can be influenced.

In my book A Monk’s Way I touch on imagination, and its cousin, intuition, as essential features of mindful living for my protagonist Jean Moreau. Being mindful allows imagination to take its rightful course – fully in the moment – powering us to create the moments to come. Imagination is the ultimate creative force.

Perhaps one day our everyday perception of reality will be altered fundamentally. We will not look at things as they appear to be, but as they are in reality, complex and energy driven. One thing is certain – as science catches up with its ever-improving techniques of measurement amidst the astonishing complexity that is our universe, untold vistas will open up to us…and it will be imagination that ushers in the theories that will lead the advance. Once again, to our delight, Einstein will be proven correct.


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